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Warmaster Battle Report - 500p Wacky Warmaster - Game Two

Hello all – it is time for the second battle report from our ”Wacky Warmaster” evening of mayhem (the first report can be found here). Again, Battlechronicler was buggy so only pictures, sorry.

This time around the armies were Teutons (as always :-)), The House of Lancaster and an almost purely Spartanian Greek army.

Deployment and force composition looked like this:

My Spartan army, consisting of 5 x Spartan Bodyguard, 1x Sacred Band and 1x Skirmishers (the naked dudes)
The Overpowered Teutons had three units of Brotherknights (!) and one Crossbowmen unit…

The Lancaster army consisted of 1 x Mounted Men at Arms, 1 x Currours, 1 x Men-at-Arms on Foot, 1x Shire Bill (dressed up as Vikings…), 2 Shire Longbowmen, and reroll upgrade for the general.

The Lancaster-army managed to get first turn (which we normally regard as a curse) and after some consideration moved hesitantly forward, sending the knights a bit towards the Teutonic side.
They in turn moved the crossbowmen forward, but failing all other orders.

In my turn I had brilliant luck with the orders and managed to get the largest brigade, consisting in four units of Spartan Bodyguard into action. They charged boldly into the combined ranks of Shire Bill and Longbowmen, Confident that they were bad-ass. And besides THIS IS SPAAARTAA!

The combat was indeed short and the entire brigade was wiped out with only one casualty on my Spartanians. Did I mention THIS IS SPAARTAA!?

Unfortunately I had overextended a bit and this allowed the Mounted Men-at-Arms to get a somewhat lucky and very surprising flank charge on my Spartans.

Amazingly (not really because THIS IS SPAARTAA!) the elite cavalry were pushed away in a drawn combat – allowing the Spartans to set up for a nice combo charge next turn.

In the meantime the Teutons advanced, and finally charged the Currours, wiping them out and continuing into the remaining lancasterian infantry.

By the end of turn two, the only remaining Lancaster unit on the field was this sole infantry stand, wherein the general was busy trying to hide.

In my turn I decided to see if the flank charge on the Teutons might swing things my way.

But unfortunately the mass combat involving all three sides ended in a somewhat inconclusive draw.

Amazingly the sole surviving Lancaster until did make it to their own turn where they could flee as the Broken cowards they are…

In the Teuton turn the Cavalry wasted little time and charged into the somewhat isolated Spartan Bodyguard.

The bodyguard survived long enough for another brigade to come to their help. Unfortunately they only managed to slightly dwindle the numerous knights.

These retreated from the combat to set up for the final charge.

This charge was against two Spartan Bodyguards on a hill (defended terrain) and when the Crossbowmen also charged into the side of the Spartans (allowing another stand to fight) I was pretty confident that the fight would go my way. Unfortunately I bummed all my rolls managing only a single hit while the Spartans were cut viciously down, despite their higher ground.

And so this was almost a glorious day for the Spartans, but unfortunately they just couldn’t handle the three Brotherhood Knight units well enough to kill off the straggler and get into the crossbowmen. This would have made the Germans flee. Alas.
At least both armies managed to get revenge upon the Lancaster Army, played by the guy who clearly won the first Wacky Warmaster game. So that was sweet.
And a glorious victory for the Teutons – brilliant and decisive cavalry charges all over the place!
The Spartan bodyguard is rock hard and a brilliant unit – in a brigade they are almost unstoppable. Unfortunately they encountered the sole thing that might stop them and the Spartan army had to join the House of Lancaster on the hasty retreat from the Brotherhood Knights.

Casualty list:
Per’s Lancaster: Everything except one stand of Men-at-Arms on foot and the general = 425 and Broken!
Kasper’s Spartans: 3x Spartan Bodyguard = 240 and Broken!
Uffe’s Teutons: ½ Brotherhood Knight = 75

I really hope you enjoyed these reports enough tot ry the concept for yourself – the Wacky Warmaster idea is really fun and provides much opportunity for entertainment!
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  1. The Spartans were impressive in their attack. Unfortunately we didn't really see what the Lancaster Army could do. The Welsh Teutonians finally did what they were supposed to do. Finally. But it was a great game and strangely short. Wacky Warmaster is great fun.

  2. Kasper,

    I am a Canadian visiting Danmark and wonder if there are anyplaces to buy Warmaster Ancient Armies/ Medieval and how often your club meets. Are there any stores that specialize in these games. I'd like to send an e-mail, mine is rolgan at the hotplace dOt CoM.

  3. Hello Anonymous Canadian!
    The scene for Warmaster (of all types) in Denmark is, as far as I know, almost non existent. Unfortunately. You might drop by some of the major shops (Fantask, Faraos etc in Copenhagen) and ask there, but I fear you will have little luck - they stopped selling Warmaster figures a long time ago and there are few gaming groups that even know of the name :-/.
    We are more a bunch of friends than a club so we meet once every month or so - more to drink beer and have fun than to compete. Whereabout are you visiting in Denmark?
    I wish you all the best luck - if you do manage to find a place that either sells or provides tables for Warmaster please let me know :).

  4. Kasper,

    Thanks for the reply, it is alas the same situation in Canada, athough Farao´s seems to have the Hail Caesar Rules.

    I have the figures mostly to paint, and occasionally play. I appreciate the response, I found some WM figures to buy quite cheaply, so it was not a total wash from the figure side.

    I´ll be in KbH 05.19 - 05.21 hotel in Sydhavn, but mostly we were in Jylland. This trip is just the highlights, next time will be for relaxation.

    I´ll let you know how the search goes for WM, I fear you are correct as Jylland was unsuccessful. :(


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