Sunday, 29 May 2011

New Painting station - DIY-style - Part I

Hello all,
well instead of more rats I 'll show you some work-in-progress pictures of my new Painting station. I made a similar one two years ago but it does not fulfill its job as well as I could wish anymore. The old one can be found here: It was made during a weekend of much thinking but I still have found quite a few ways of bettering the design. And as we have changed the shelves next to my work area it was too big in all dimensions and as a result was irritating me.
So, while I was babysitting my two boys (they might not be babies anymore but sometimes they act like it...) I began the new paint rack. It is half the size of the old one, but can hold as many paints - due to optimizing the space. Theres is also a few modifications. I have found that it is batter to have the brushes in the back, instead of the front, and more room was needed for half finished minis to be kept in.

In the front row there is room for the last Games Workshop paints that I have left, while the rest of the holes are for Vallejo paints.
The shelves beneath the holes.
Almost finished in its new home. Seems to fit perfectly. Not bad for a few hours work :-).

It should be done in a few days, providing I find some free time to paint the bugger.

Best regards,

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