Monday 30 January 2012

Heroquest miniatures

Hello all,
something completely different, this time!
A long time ago at a fleamarket we found the excellent game of Heroquest. All the minis were included and as we have had quite a lot of fun playing the game (the wife, my eldest son, and myself) I figured I would paint up some of the minis - very nice quality considering their age.

Two Fimir.

A dreaded "Chaos Warrior".

And a couple of fearsome (?) Goblins :-).

All done in a single painting session a few months back...

Best regards,

DVD Terrain - 6mm / 10mm Terrain

Hello all,
A group shot of the three finished "DvD-terrain" pieces. They should brighten up any battlefield .-).

All the best,

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Farm 2 on a DVD - 6mm / 10mm Terrain

Hello all,
Another of the DVD-terrain pieces I made and painted last week. Again a solitary farm, lacking any defences for the forthcoming conflict.
This one isn't completely done, but I had the camera up and running and thought I had better take a picture lest I forgot to later. The dirt needs a bit of flock and the cows could do with a bit of dirtying up - unless the farmer just washed them?
Terrain, 6mm, 10mm, diy, cheap, cd, farm,
Again, I have completely forgotten who made the farm - it was another of those weird grey clay things.
Terrain, 6mm, 10mm, diy, cheap, cd, farm,

Terrain, 6mm, 10mm, diy, cheap, cd, farm,
Turned out alright I think :-).

All the best,

Monday 23 January 2012

Farm on a DVD - 6mm / 10mm terrain

Hello all,
Another of my "dvd-terrain" pieces made last week. A sweet little farm - totally unprotected for the forthcoming war.

Again - I have completely fogotten who made the farm itself (a one-piece resin cast) which was so-so. A few more details would have been nice, but once painted up it looks ok. From a distance. If you close one eye.
The trees are some I bought on Ebay from China - ultra cheap and a bit too unnatural green but, again, from a distance and all that.

Hope you like it - it should look alright on the field of battle :-).

All the best,

Sunday 22 January 2012

Warmaster battle coming up!

Hello all,
Our next battle is rapidly approaching and these be the rules of engagement:


Warmaster Scenario: Seize and Control:
In any larger siege the control of nearby resources is of the utmost importance for all involved. This scenario represents a large foraging army sent out to places of import near such a siege where they encounter the opposing army. Both sides seek to gain control of the strategic objectives on the field of battle, perhaps more important than inflicting casualties.

1250 points (min/max limits as for 1000p).

Three armies, all fighting against each other.

Deployment: Hidden setup, 20cm in. 
Special rules:
Skirmishing moves (i.e. skirmishers gets a free move after all deployment has been done, the one with the most skirmishing units begins).
Artillery Master (i.e. our old favourite Special Character - tons of rules - this game he will be bringing an organ gun for free).
Infantry Special (i.e. if infantry are within a particular piece of terrain at the time of an order are given to them see throughout the terrain piece. E.g. an infantry brigade can charge within a city if they are inside it when the order is given.).


Red denotes deployment zones and blue the four objectives.

Victory Conditions:
Normal victory points will only be used to decide a tie, and break points are not applied.
After each player's turn he will be awarded one point for each of the four objectives he is in control of.
To control one of these a player must have scoring troops (i.e. not skirmishers, artillery or troops belonging to the Artillery Master. In addition characters and units reduced to one stand cannot control anything, as is the case with confused units) within the boundaries of the objective and be the only player to have troops in the particular objective. If a player controls an objective he will be awarded one point; i.e. up to three points by each player may be grabbed each turn.
After the battle the points will decide who won the game.
In addition 2 points will be awarded for bringing the enemy to their break point and 2 for killing/capturing the enemy general.

All the best,

Friday 20 January 2012

Church on a DVD - 6mm / 10mm Terrain

the first of the finished dvd-terrain pieces (begun here) is this church. It is made of some type of grey clay that I was a bit worried about painting but in the end it turned out very well, at least I think so :-). The church does look a bit "new" and could do with some weathering, but perhaps the congregation just finished repainting it before war came to their neighbourhood?
(Actually - looking at the pictures I seem to have forgotten to "weather" most of the gravestones as well - must be new graves?)

The gravestones are of this type:
A nice little set - I kept some for the next church in line.

The tree is one of the lovely ones produced by Heki (I think) and the hedge was a cheap buy from my local train-hobby store. The fence-thingy id from Irregular Miniatures (and I just bought 10 more of those :-)).

All the best!


Wednesday 18 January 2012

6mm / 10mm Terrain on DVDs

 Hello all,

In order to make even more small sized terrain to make the battlefield more realistic I went through my "bits box" of terrain and found a lot of unused buildings and "bits". So during a relaxing evening I put some of it on DVDs as they would provide me with a nice sized base that was readily available and could quickly be duplicated.
Here are a couple of pictures from the early stages - finished pictues will follow soonish:

Really nice church - and a lot of pva glue :-).

The church in the background with a bit of hedge and colour while two farms are shaping up in the forefront.

A brilliant (but small) resin church that I've been waiting for a good occasion for using - and the church seemed to call out for a large tree...

More trees on one of the farms and a wind mill popped up :-).

I think they've turned out well so far - and hopefully they'll be visible in the forthcoming battle report...

All the best,

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Overcoming Obstacles IV

Hello all,
the last of the obstacles finished last week;

 This one turned out particularly well - looks like something you would expect to find close to a forest or similarly. A few strips of logbarriers from Irregular Miniatures and one lovely tree - Noch?

 A short strip with a hedge - used up the last of my hedge-supply. At least of the good stuff - the quality and look of this one is perfect, but I can't remember where I bought it from... alas my memory is failing big time.
 A few of Irregular Miniatures Gun emplacements - they might be too small once the Kallistra Cannons occupy them but the rest of the time they'l look fine, I hope.

Next up will be a few small towns/churches I've been working on and I really should get a lot of roads done - I need about two meters of road to really clutter the battlefield!

Oh, and we have a new game scheduled for the 31 - so expect a battle report sometime in early feb.

All the best,

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Overcoming Obstacles III

Hello all,
A few pictures of the terrain I recently finished.
Again the object of these obstacles was to create somthing that could either work as obstacles or simply "pretty up" the battlefield somewhat :-).

 First up is a simple fence - made by Irregular Miniatures, if my recollection isn't completely caput...

 A log-barrier.

And a wall made up of those wonderful walls I bought a long time ago and have now forgotten who produces, unfortunately. These are really high quality and look brilliant - if anyone knows who produces these I would love to know!  
Edit: I think these might be Irregular Miniatures' "straight sandbag section"?

All the best,

Sunday 8 January 2012

Overcoming Obstacles II

Hello all,
I managed to sneak in some hobby time today and get some work done on the obstacles I begun a week ago.
Here is a short preview of the results - with the Artillery Master proudly displaying his Organ Gun in the middle:

Most of the terrain are N scale (or ca. 6mm) while the minis are ten mm. I know thats a bit weird but it really looks more "correct" on the battlefield in my opinion and works really well footprint-wise.

The object of these obstacles is to preovide some nice looking "clutter" for the battlefield - although they could be used as obstacles and thus given defended status to infantrye etc, they are mainly just there to break up the "flatness" of the battlefield. I hope and trust they will work.

Heres the first of the obstacles - a stone (I naturally had to paint it as I didn't think it looked enough like a stone :-)), a small tree from Heki or Noch (damn I wish I had more of these!) and a few sections of the same wall as the Master is deployed behind. I've forgotten where I got these from and if anyone could help me out with a name I would really appreciate it!

I'll be showing close ups the next few days so stay tuned in breathless excitement!
All the best,

Friday 6 January 2012

Wishlist for Christmas

Hello all,
these are going on my wishlist for Christmas! What? It has just been X-mas? But Id idn't get any toys! Not fair!
Oh well, I'll put them on my "wouldnt it be great to have enough money to buy this"-list, then.

These are made Anglebarracks and are stunning little scenic bases that are well suited for their line of 6mm buildings. Just look at how sweet they appear - and you can even buy them pre-painted!
A Spanish hill town and a walled town....

Prices are from 35 to 65£ for base and all the houses etc. Very nice and high quality, by the look of them.

All the best,

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Warmaster and Rick Priestley's new home

Hello all - trust you made it through New Year safely!

Due to certain unmentionable elements in the gaming industry, the God-father of Warmaster (both fantasy, Ancients and Medieval), Warhammer, and a personal hero of mine, Mr. Rick Priestley, got a new homepage/blog during Christmas. (Actually I'm not entirely sure if he is aware of this :-)).

No longer able to update the former nexus of internet-warmasterianism ( a few brave men (I suppose) have set up a new blog that will, hopefully, become the new place to be (or read) for all Warmaster purposes. This is where yous hould go for enw army lists, rule FAQs and clarifications, etc.
I really hope this blog succeeds as there are quite a few minor adjustments needed to both the most ancient army lists and the newest (in my opinion). I.e. a Hittite army is so completely different from a Teutonic Order list that there is no way they could play  level game.

Anyways, I urge you to go there and if possible contribute or just let your clicks show that you appreciate the site.

All the best,

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