Monday, 21 May 2012

New felt rivers by Hotz ArtWorks

Hello all,
Doing my bit to help against the global economic crisis I went and bought more stuff on ze 'net!

This time I got lured by fancy advertisement to purchase a complete set of the (very cheap) river system made by Hotz Artworks. The "Deluxe version".

They recently arrived (after some delay, apparently due to more customers than expected) and they do look good. Not great, but good. We'll be using them in the next battle and then I'll provide some more pictures of the rivers "in action".

I do think they will need a bit of extra detailing/flocking to fit in with the game mat and the rest of the terrain, but with the cheap price that would be ok.

All the best,

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

World of Tanks - In need of a list of kills?

Hello all,
Just found a brilliant tool for the "free" on-line tank game called World of tanks. In it you encounter a (very) wide variety of different tanks (French, German etc) and you kill as many of these as possible. But there is a special medal for killing every (almost) single type of tank, yet this information is not available. Seeing as I was curious and love statistics (just ask anyone who knows me..) I really wanted to know which tanks I had killed etc. A quick search on google and I found the following link:

 This, Russian, page will access the cache containing the information and provide a wealth of information regarding every aspect of the game; I can now see that I have killed 152 Leichttraktors,14 Leopards, etc. I can also see which tanks I have yet to kill (32), and by a bit of magic it is even possible to see in which tanks I have killed what enemy tanks etc.
A brilliant tool! I really recommend it to anyone playing this amazing tank game. And if you're not playing it, you should really check out World of Tanks!
Here are a few links to videos of recent games I've enjoyed especially:
The SU 85b on Karelia defending and invading:
The T2 American Medium Tank slaughtering all enemies, getting Top Gun and Ace Tanker:
All the best,

Monday, 7 May 2012

Preparing for a Warmaster Siege

Hello all,
Believe it or not but we are about to embark on the "holy grail" of all wargaming: i.e. a siege. Hence, we would love your input. None of us have tried a siege in warmaster before, and the evidence of anyone having done so on the internets are scant at best, so if you have any pointers, hints or warnings please do share. This goes for all aspects of the game both the map, the armies and the rules.

The plan is to have 3000 points of besiegers lay siege to 2000 points of defenders (and have them attack after six months of preparation). The attackers will be deployed behind the line of earthworks, some 40cm from the front walls. the defender will have to man the gate, two corner towers and thirteen sections of wall (of which seven are in the front area).
We probably will not be using any of the special events and treacherous rules, in order to keep it simple the first time around.
Wish us luck, should take place sometime during the next month or so.
All the best,

Sunday, 6 May 2012

New stuff from ebay - blood and hedges

Hello all,
Fell for the temptation once again... and bought some stuff on Ebay. Apart from a lot of cheap chinese instant glue I also bought some more of the "Javis CountrySide hedges" which are just superb. 
But what I wasreally looking forward to the most was a bottle of Tamiya Color Acrylic Paint Clear Red. I had read about this on the internet and it didn't disappoint. It is brilliant. 
It is rather thick paint that once dry resembles fresh blood remarkably well. If you add a bit of brown shade to it it looks like old blood. Great fun to use..

As mentioned in a previous post, I'll be getting a hundred wellsculpted zombies soon due to backing the game Zombicide on Kickstarter so I needed something to add a bit of atmosphere to them :-)

All the best,

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Kickstarting Zombicide

Hello all,
With three days to go of the kickstarter and the project fully funded, I thought I would bring this brilliant project to you, should you not have heard about it yet: Zombicide
Developed by an all-star team this boardgame looks amazing and like it will be the next best Zombie-game, and remain as one for a long time.

So the game looks good, but the best part is that they have included some 71 figures with the game, and if you join in on the kickstarter you get a ton of goodies:
  • Base game - 71 miniatures etc
  • 3 Promo Survivors and their Zombie counterparts: 6 miniatures
  • 4 additional Fatties - 4 miniatures
  • 6 additional Runners - 6 miniatures
  • 20 additional Walkers - 20 miniatures
  • 1 additional Abomination - 1 miniature
  • 6 custom black dice
  • 6 glow in the dark dice
  • 1 T-shirt

Thats a 108 minis, a game and other fun stuff for 100 dollars? At less than a dolalr a figure and a game on top of that, that is an amazing deal, especially considering the quality of the minis. I am looking very much forward to painting each and every one of these:

Anyways, just wanted to inform you of this while there is still time to get in on the action :-).

All the best,

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New terrain pieces - CD style

Hello all,
been having some more fun with my CD sized terrain pieces. These are just the right size for small dioramas/sceneries that can be made quickly and used in all kinds of ways.
These are supposed to end up looking like ruins, just to bring a bit more atmosphere to the wartable.

I used some old resin ruins I bought a long time ago and some of the oop warmaster casualty markers to add some gore to the scene.

Should be done soon...
All the best,

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