Friday 25 January 2013

Dwarfs Dating: All Love is Pain (Scibor's Love Dwarf)

Hello all,
Back when I used to play Skavens in Warhammer (3rd - 6th ed), I developed a serious dislike of dwarfs. They had better warmachines than me and breaking them in comabt was almost impossible. But in the end they were always too few to survive the hordes of rats. despite the win rate against them I always hated palying against a dwarf army - slow games always ensued.
But once in a blue moon a mini comes along that almost makes me want to buy it, even though it is a dwarf. And the talented Scibor has just made such a mini. I would love to paint this mini, and I do think anyw arf general not too serious to have fun should buy this beauty:

How can you not love this gobboslaying love-dwarf? So many great details, and even a catching slogan.

All the best,

Monday 21 January 2013

75,000 HITS! WOOHOO!

Hello all,
This blog just got its visitor number 75000! That is huge and I really appreciate all the visitors, commentors, and followers that have contributed to this.
Even though the blog is a bit quite at the moment (the reason being that I have half a year left to finish my Ph.D....) there is still a steady traffic - and some even click the new adds, which I really appreciate!
So you are all invited to the party!

As for the future of this blog, there will be a lot of pictures coming soonish of one of my opponents army. This should help fill the gap, until we (I) get some games arranged again.

All the best,

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Best wargaming X-mas gift ever, perhaps? Homemade wargaming candle holders!!

Hello all,
One of my regular opponents surprised me this christmas. He had produced these beautiful things (at least I think they are beautiful, the wife might think otherwise...):

These are candle holders for a Christmas tree, but made from miniatures he cast and painted in christmasssy colours himself. I am mightily impressed.

Here is his mug shot taken while he contemplates how to destroy my armies:

Thanks for the gift, Per!

And I hope everyone else had a great holiday!

All the best,

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