Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DIY: Manly Toothbrush Holder

Howdy Folks,
So I share my bathroom with my two boys and, yes, the wifey got her own wellness room, whereas ours is a complete mess. One of the things that does slightly annoy me is the inability of boys (in this case aged 5 and 8) to stow away their toothbrushes after use.

So, we thought about it hard (i.e. for ca. 30 seconds) and came up with the following, must-have, manly toothbrush holder:

Manly toothbrush holder action man free Do it yourself DIY
 Making these were as easy as it looks - we each chose an action man-type toy, drilled a hole, screwed the figure into the wall, and superglued the arms stuck in a hug. Toothbrushes fit snugly into the caring embrace, and wont fall down. Just wait for the superglue to harden before inserting a toothbrush, otherwise I won't be held responsible :-).

Manly toothbrush holder action man free Do it yourself DIY
The only problem was that the oldest son (who had originally chosen the army guy on the lower right) strongly felt that he was entitled to 'my' toothbrush holder (the cool green dude). So now I'm stuck with the weird nazi-guy...

Needless to say, since these beauties have been put up there hasn't been a single toothbrush resting on the sink after use. Works like a charm, costs a penny, and looks cool - what's not to like?

Anyways, thanks for reading - if you found the post interesting then any comments or tips are greatly appreciated!
Until the next time; stay safe and have fun!

All the best,

Friday, 14 June 2013

Modern life is rubbish

Hello people,
Games Workshop and its development in recent years continues to confuse me. Then I found the following quote which succinctly summarizes what is going on at GW:

"Sometimes I think GW have grown tired of seeing just how far they can keep pushing the price up before it all goes titsup and have diversified in seeing just how far they can keep pushing the quality of ideas downwards."

Games Workshop GW sucks wtf

Oh well, they did give us Skavens, Blood Bowl, Warmaster, and a long list of other excellent ways of wasting ones youth, so I'll forgive them their current madness (although I won't buy the bile they produce).

Oh, what caused this post?
This 'thing':

A Khorne Cannon? Khorne which is supposed to be all about martial prowess getting a cannon? And why does it look like a motorcycle? A motorcycle with a the head of a meateating parrot? 
Makes no sense on so many levels, and sadly destroys the lore.

All the best,

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

April 1st today? - The Skunkeater by Khurasan

Hello all,
I really enjoy wasting my time staying updated through such internet portals as the Tabletop Fix. This also means that once in a while I spot a mini that makes me go: What the F**k?
In this case I think the chaps over at Khurasan miniatures ran out of ideas, sat down with the Realm of Chaos mutations tables and roll up this piece of nonsense:

Khurasan Skunkeater weird apocalyptic monster
The mighty Skunkeater! With a Skunk. Ready to be eaten. By a furry crocodile?
Luckily you can also build this thing without the skunk, making it look slightly less like a circus freakish exhibit:
Now I have no beef with Khurasan minis, but I really do not get this mini. Not at all.

Anyways here is their description of the beast (which reminds me of something from the D&D monster manuals available for free all over the internets):
One of many new species to have rapidly evolved in the aftermath of the Event, the Skunkeater wanders the wastes, devouring anything it can catch. Superficially resembling a cross between a grizzly bear and an alligator, the Skunkeater in fact appears to be an evolved alligator with a more upright posture and downy feathers superficially resembling fur which insulate it from the cold. This permits the Skunkeater to wander far and wide, even in the winter in cold climates.

The name "Skunkeater" is testament to the animal's favourite food, for skunks survived the Event to scratch out a living amidst the ruins. True to its name, the Skunkeater devours these small creatures and seems to store their noxious musk in a gland at the base of the tail.  When alarmed or, at times, when hunting, a Skunkeater will emit an atrocious odour similar to that of twenty or thirty skunks spraying in unison. This assault on the senses is more than most humans can bear, and it is not uncommon for people trying to defend themselves against Skunkeater attack to simply collapse, retching uncontrollably, only to be caught and eaten by the Skunkeater.  

Much larger predators, such as the Mojave Pilgrim, the Inland Empire Stiltwalker and the Great Lakes Slug, are generally deterred by the putrid odour of the Skunkeater -- perhaps the primary purpose of the skunkeater's musk. To maintain this defence the Skunkeater must spend a great deal of time hunting down skunks, which is it able to catch by means of its very long, sticky tongue. It is able to extend this tongue out for some distance and with reasonable accuracy like the now-extinct Old World Chameleon.  

After Radi-ants, Skunkeaters pose arguably the greatest animal threat to survivors. They are known to take up residence in areas where they have located survivors and will usually not depart until it has been eaten clean. Even if its musk gland is depleted the Skunkeater is vastly more powerful than a human and can rip even a well-armed ganger limb from limb. Skunkeaters are heavily protected by scales, and although they are not immune to firearms or cruder weapons, they have proven remarkably difficult to kill, often being shot eight or nine times before succumbing to their wounds. Survivors are advised to avoid these animals at all costs. Even if you have firearms, it's probably better to abandon your shelter and escape as best you can if it attracts the attention of a skunkeater.
Our reconstruction of the skunkeater in 15mm scale brings this terror of the post-Event world to your tabletop. The model is provided with several optional pieces -- a jaw with tongue retracted, another with tongue partially extended, and even a skunk! The skunk may be shown hustling away from the skunkeater or it may be stuck on the predator's tongue.

Radi-ants? seriously :-).
Anyways, all the best,

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