Sunday, 28 February 2010

Trebuchet from Irregular Miniatures

Hello all!
for our (hopefully) soon-to-be Warmaster siege-game I have managed to finish the Trebuchet I bought a long time ago from that fine miniature company called Irregular Miniatures. This is from their 6mm line, but for terrain and siege equipment I have decided to go 6mm - it just looks more convincing with the 10mm troops and is a lot cheaper :-).

The mini is plagued by miscasts - the entire weight-thingie in front is devoid of any details except on one of the lower sides. A shame, but I dont think it will be evident from a normal viewing distance, and it was so quickly painted that I forgot to be angry. And besides a large Trebuchet for only 1£ is a bargain even with a few miscast details.
Best regards,

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Photo-studio finally finished

Well I finally managed to finish the entire set-up and will be re-photographing my minis in the near future. The setup looks like this at the moment:

I still need some better lightbulbs as the ones I have are very yellow in their light - bright though.

I still wish I had the setup that Games Workshop do - with that even my minis would look superb .-)

Best regards, Kasper

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New 10mm army-deals from Magister Militium

Mmmm, Magister Militium just announced that they have made nine new army-bundle deals available - all apparently chosen from the Warmaster Medieval Armybook. 
I already have quite a few units from Magister Militium and especially their infantry are nice (and in the cheaper price range) while I am not a particular fan of their cavalry models - their horses seem too short and fat compared to their riders, much too pony-like - instead of appearing as warhorses. 

This of course makes the army deals a tricky thing as I would like the infantry deals but would rather avoid any cavalry models (and I really do have enough cavalry models already (Heresy!)). 
The new army deals include one for the Burgundian Ordinance list and is a chaotic mix of different unit types while there are several new deals for the War of the Roses-period and a Swiss Confederacy for the pikelovers (not my favourite unit). I might persuade myself to grab the Welsh army deal in the future but at 70-ish £ it is quite an investment although you do get 15 units and if you choose the Medieval Armybook as well you save 6£ on that alone.
Anyways, just thought the news might interest some of you :-).

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Amazon Babes II - Swordwomen by Pendraken

The second unit of Pendraken Amazons that I recently bought on Ebay (the other can be seen here) and have since tried to repaint. The orignal paintjob was thick and glossy with many chipped places. 
I have tried to repaint them quickly but the paint is very thick in some places and they only look so-so. 
But as a fierce and different warband they fit the bill precisely.
These minis are great although their skirts are extremely short - bordering on the indecent, but maybe thats part of their fighting techniques :-). They remind me of this internet picture of the famous chainmail-bikini:

Anyways, let me present the ladies:

For some reason these two photoes are quite unsharp - dont know why. Their banner mirrors the one carried by the halberd-unit which will hopefully make them seem more brigade-like.

Best regards,

Friday, 19 February 2010

Amazon Babes - Spearwomen by Pendraken

Babes ahoy! Or rather tiny fierce halberd wielding amazonians ready to kill ahoy!

These Amazon Spearwomen (looks more like halberd-women to me...) are made by Pendraken and are actually quite nice. They would make a great royal guard or similar.
Unfortunately I bought them on Ebay (cheap, which is nice :-)) but they were painted with some thick glossy paint that I couldnt strip so I had to repaint most of the minis on top of the old paintjob. Not ideal and the paintjob is rather thick in places.
The banner was a spur of the moment thing - what better symbol for these independent fierce warriors to fight beneath than that cursed symbol :-).
All in all, some very nice miniatures by Pendraken (and as always not featured with photos on their webpage which is a big no-no for me - I am not about to buy minis unseen) that I could see myself buying a new pack of in the future. 
As for what I will use them as? Warbands, naturally :-)
Best regards,

Friday, 12 February 2010

Amazons with Leopards (and the photo studio in action)

Well I finished rebasing and repainting the leopards and their two amazonian herders from pendraken, which I recently bought on Ebay. I tried painting them as hunting dogs or wolves but their shape was just too "cat-like" to allow the transformation and they were hartyly repainted. A better result than what I bought them as but nothing exceptional (far from it actually).

This is also the debut of my photo studio which I have been fiddling with for the last few months - all is ready now - base, background and lighting (which was hampered by natural light in this case). I hope it will allow for a more uniformed presentation mode of my units while being easy on the eye.
Best regards,

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Amazon Bikini Babes (ebay)

Yet again I fell to temptation and I recently bought more 10mm units on Ebay - this time they just seemed too great to not buy. 
The purchase was three full units of Amazons and one unit of Leopards with animal herders. The brand is Pendraken and I believe the footsoldiers are the Amazon line called FA1 and 2 (Amazon Spearwomen and Swordwomen) but the leopards are not from that line so if anyone knows their make I would appreciate the information.
The minis are in ok shape (no broken spears etc) but will need new bases as they are mounted on cardboard at the moment. They will also need a bit of paint retouching as the colours are very bright and shiny (think they were painted with humbrol paint or the like) and could use some more details and shades etc.
But I smile everytime I see the furious women and their short skirts even made my wife smile (not often  she sees anything funny about my miniatures .-)) - I hope you can see just how short their battle skirts are...

I will probably use them as warbands next to the naked men below - which seems a suitable combination. The Leopards will serve as cavalry if they ever see the field of battle :-).

Best regards,

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