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Warmaster Battle Report - 500p Wacky Warmaster - Game One

Hello all,
So – Wacky Warmaster. Two games. How did it go? It was brilliant :-).
We managed to play two fun and fast games in four hours with plenty of time for word-bashing each others and drinking plenty of beer.
The rules were basically that each player made two different 500 points lists from any army list but without any of the normal min/max stuff and a free LD 9 general.
Although I feel most of the lists could have been even wackier it was fun to try this out – so much so that our next gaming night will be featuring the same rules – so Wacky Warmaster II :-).

I was planning on doing the whole battle report thing on Battlechronicler – but this hitherto brilliant free program seems to have a serious bug at the moment and wouldn’t let me do any reporting. So instead this will be a picture heavy brief walk through of the first battle. The second will follow soonish.

The armies drawn for the first game were my KaBooom army (all cannons), an infantry heavy Teutonic Order list and Imperial Romans:

My Kabooom!!! (4x Heavy Cannons and 4x Normal cannons)

Uffe’s Teuonic Order (1x Brother Knight, 2x Light Horses, 3x Crossbowmen, 1x Spearmen)

Per’s Romans (1x Vet. Legion, 1xLegion, 2x Archers, 2x Cavalry, 1x Onager, 1xPortent)

First, please say “Hi” to the gang!

From the left it is Uffe (aka Lenin, always plays Teutonic Order), Per (aka grumpy, usually plays Cathagians but thinks the grass is greener elsewhere), and my two sons (aka Wacky and Wackier).

Oh, and the wifey also sneaked into a picture, and that is me on the other side of my eldest son.

The first two turns were dominated by my Heavy Cannons raining down shots left and right, destroying stands and causing tons of havoc.

This was worsened by the Romans failing all orders and the Teutons getting so confused by the heavy cannon balls that they couldn’t get out of the starting boxes. 

All going according to my master plan!
Unfortunately the Teutons kept trying to advance, and got the Light horses into a threatening position.

Luckily I managed to blow them away, but my position was by now severely out of order and both opponents were concentrating mainly on my poor cannons. (Maybe I was shouting KabOOOM a bit too loudly?).

And then disaster struck.

A single unit of Roman Heavy cavalry manages to get within striking distance and with a couple of lucky orders charges right into my artillery bunker.

And in a few seconds half my army is shredded by angry Roman elite cavalry and I break. Sadly. But I had great fun shooting all those shots.

By now the Roman player had redirected most of his army towards the Teutons, who were shellshocked and kept failing orders, even though they desperately needed to redirect their facing and get stuck into the enemy.
Unfortunately they do not manage to do so and are instead charged by the Roman cavalry.

The Brother Knights in the background played no role in the game as the Onager early on managed to get an angle wherein it would force them into impassable terrain (forest) whereby they would become auto-confused. They never moved forward in the entire game…(cowards).

After a few rounds of combat the depleted Teutonic Crossbowmen are forced to surrender and the Roman Cavalry have won the day. Almost by themselves having destroyed and broken two armies!
A resounding victory for the Romans.

My own force was great fun – but apart from sowing confusion not that effective. I never destroyed an entire unit and only took out a stand here and there (3x Light Horse, 1x Vet.Legion, 2x Crossbowmen) and, as predicted, once someone reached my cannons I was destroyed quicker than something very quick. The other forces were nice but still fairly balanced and they had fun as well – the Onager is a brilliant piece of artillery but if the Teutons had just had a bit more luck with their dice rolling the game would have been much closer!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and please do try this concept of Wacky Warmaster at your club, home, airport – it is absolutely wicked fun and promises to become even more so in the future :-)
Best regards,

EDIT: Forgot the casulty list:
Kasper: 2x Heavy Cannons (150), 2½x Cannons (125) = 275 and BROKEN!
Uffe: 2½x Crossbowmen (140), ½ Light Horse (35) = 175 (and almost Broken!)
Per: ½ Roman Heavy Cavalry = 40
Thats pretty impressive!


  1. Nice report of the game. And it was great fun. But you fail to mention that our post-battle discussion focused on two things: firstly that the Roman Heavy Cavalry made a fine sneak-move towards the Roman cannons - they could go either north or south of the city. It meant that the cannons had to choose which way to defend (!). And secondly we all agreed upon that a single cavalry-support or infantry-support could have made a huge difference to secure the cannons for a longer period.

    All in all - it was a great match.

  2. I agree on both accounts. A single unit of cavalry would have been much mre effective than two or three of the normal cannon units. And it was a sneaky move those anacronistic Romans pulled on me - Angry Face :-).
    Also interesting how much better the Onager with its move and shoot capability is than the Medieval Heavy Cannons...

  3. Great idea, and great fun. Although I felt the Welsh not well represented in your games :)

    I'll spring this on my gang sometime soon!

  4. @Foss: You really should - Wacky Warmaster makes for a great Beer and Pretzel game :-).
    As for the Welsh - Ach, we sang a few Welsh Shanties during the game. Will that suffice?
    All the best and thanks for dropping by,

  5. @Foss1066: The Welsh are well represented in the games. My Teutonic Order are actually from Wales (!!) just look at all the nice flags and are lead by the famous Sir William the Marshall. It's just Kasper that doesn't want to post all my fine army lists in full.

  6. Im sorry to disturb this discussion, but I couldnt find another way to contact you...

    Actually, I wanted to suggest a nice crowdfunding campaign to all fellow warmaster enthusiasts.
    Since the official minis are not produced anymore by GW, the prices on ebay skyrocket.
    For those, who like me, like Chaos in Warmaster, there is a very interesting indiegogo campaign which offers models useable as Chaos Warriors, Trolls, Chariots and even a Dragon.



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