Sunday 21 February 2010

Amazon Babes II - Swordwomen by Pendraken

The second unit of Pendraken Amazons that I recently bought on Ebay (the other can be seen here) and have since tried to repaint. The orignal paintjob was thick and glossy with many chipped places. 
I have tried to repaint them quickly but the paint is very thick in some places and they only look so-so. 
But as a fierce and different warband they fit the bill precisely.
These minis are great although their skirts are extremely short - bordering on the indecent, but maybe thats part of their fighting techniques :-). They remind me of this internet picture of the famous chainmail-bikini:

Anyways, let me present the ladies:

For some reason these two photoes are quite unsharp - dont know why. Their banner mirrors the one carried by the halberd-unit which will hopefully make them seem more brigade-like.

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