Tuesday 26 June 2012

Mounted men at arms - Pendraken (EMM1) 10 mm

Hello all,
My camera has been misbehaving, hence the lack of posts recently. I did get it to function briefly and get some pictures of recently finished projects.

Among these are some knights, or Mounted men at arms, from Pendraken. I've painted these as a kind of generic knight order, in the colours of the House of York, so should be able to use them for most of the medieval period.
Oh, and please disregard the cross on one shield, thought I had removed that :-).

 So how did I like these miniatures? To be honest I hated them They have been on my desk in a half finished state for over a year. I just couldn't finish them - the lack of detail, squat bodies, and pony sized horses really ruined my joy at painting them. In the end I decided I had to finish them in less than an hour, and it worked :-).
I tried a new technique where I mixed my pot of "fresh blood" into the red, and I do believe it gives the red a more vibrant nuance.

All the best,

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