Wednesday 21 December 2011

Overcoming obstacles

Hello all,
after a long draught on the hobby side I finally got some stuff done yesterday evening. Not much but it may be the beginning of a long and fruitful winter :-).
In our last game I realised that there are three things I need in order to make the field of battle look better; more road, obstacles, and something to clutter the tabletop to make it look more natural (these would probably not have any effect on the game - purely visual).
So the first obstacle to overcome were the obstacles... (see what I did there? :-)). And here are a few pictures of the first stage of them:

There are also two defended areas for the artillery to park in - of no benefit ruleswise but it should look better :-).

Most of the metal pieces are from Irregular Miniatures while the trees and hedges are from Heki or Noch - wonderful stuff.

The two odd objects - which I really hope you recognize - were bought in a small shop in San Francisco recently for the prize of 1 dollar combined. I hope that with a little tender love and care they will end up as somewhat amusing pieces for the battlefield...

All the best, and a merry christmas to all,

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