Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 28 - Rat Ogre / Boneripper

Hello all,
well I guess I should get busy posting more Skaven pictures if I ever want to finish that project :-).
So to begin this second half of the lineup, Clan Ressak proudly presents Boneripper, bodyguard of Thanquol himself. Or as the case was he was most often used as a Rat Ogre "champion" as special characters were never allowed. Sadly.

 His left arm has been replaced with the claw of one of the very old Citadel Scopions - seems to fit pretty well with the rest of the mini. Although it could use with some repainting on the joints.
 The only thing I really do not like today about the paintjob on this Boneripper is the red. Still too inspired by the Red-period of Games Workshop nineties, I guess :-).

Cool mini. I remember when he was announced - the difference between him (and the other newer rat ogres) and the old mono-dimensional rat ogres was unbelievable. One of the best skaven lines ever produced.

All the best,

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