Sunday 3 April 2011

Reaching new hights (with Chain Mail Bikini Babes)

Hello all - a small pause in the Skaven horde of pictures today. 
Yesterday evening I checked the always entertaining Google Statistics for this blog and, lo and behold, the site has reached a cornerstone in any blogs existence: over 10.000 visitors (not pageviews which is a lot more, naturally, but visitors). 

 I am pretty happy about all your visits and would like to thank all of you and especially the ever-increaing number of people who decide to follow my ramblings. I hope they do not bore you and the last months detour into Skaven-models have not scared anyone away. 
When work permits I will return with more Warmaster Battle report - Google knows, the net needs more of those!
Chainmail Bikini Babes, and I do hope I have not offended anyone - these are merely a service to all those who stop by the blog to find exactly this. And to lessen their disappointment :-). And to compensate everyone else for having had to look at a picture of a freezing me below. (Thanks to armourdude for sharing the picture).

There are of course some pretty interesting facts hidden in all the statistics from Google. The one I giggle the most about is that the fifth most common search words that lead people here are some combination of "Bikini", "Babe", "Chainmail" and "Amazon". While I enjoy a bikini-babe as much as anyone else, the few posts I did concerning the fun little painting excursion into the Amazon 10mm warriors (way back) still generates load of hits. 
How disapointed most of them must feel when they look at my bad paintjob on "babes" the size of their fingernails :-). But, should any of them have become addicted to these pages I feel like rewarding them with a picture of a pair of sisters who definately may be called "Chain Mail Bikini Babes" (and Google knows there are a lot of them on the internet...):

But the most popular posts are by far the Warmaster battle reports and judging from the time you guys spend on those pages it really seems you read everything on them - so our mistakes are made public, but I hope they entertain and perhaps lure a few more people to the Dark Side of wargaming (10mm).
Even though I always hope for a few more comments, I must say that I really appreciate those who do comment and the number of page hits and the comments that are made, really encourage me to continue this blog.  

I also noticed that while the "western"-countries do dominate the picture of where vistors come from, there are quite a few visits (and not only Bikini-babe-visitors) from more exotic areas such as North Korea, Mongolia and Sri Lanka. If any readers stems from such countries, please drop me a line about how the gaming situation is there and how you stumbled across this site.

The blog author, on top of a mountain outside Nuuk. The highest and coldest point I have been in a long while - nicely coinciding with the 10.000th visitor to the blog. BTW - that thing I am holding? It is a Geocahche, a brilliant little worldwide game that I really recommend checking out if you do not know it ( The bottle represents a little tresure someone hid on top of the mountain half a year ago, and I became the first to find it - pretty proud about that :-).
Anyhow - thanks for all the visits, comments and a good year of blogging - I hope you will all continue to enjoy this blog.

Best regards,


  1. Congratulations Kasper; 10,000 visitors is quite a milestone. Keep up the good work - there are plenty of people out there who like the blog with or without chainmail bikini babes! ;)

  2. Thanks Simon - I am pretty happy about it as well. And I do think it will be the last Bikini-babe picture for quite some time - otherwise the wifey will start to get suspicious :-).

  3. I am the guy that took the picture and made the chainmail bikinis.


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