Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My DIY painting rack

Hello all!
Had some fun last week figuring out how to make a painting rack and finishing the project.
I was getting tired of having brushes, paints and half painted minis all over the place and wanted a rack that could hold the paints I use most frequently along with the odd brushes and so on.
It should also look nice (uncluttered and "presentable") while fitting inside my "gaming" closet.

So after a lot of thinking, drawing and measuring I decided on what type I wanted and began.

The material used is masonite (a pleasure working with and the carpenter working in the kitchen above ours left me a big bag of the stuff, so the entire rack was essential free..) which was cut to size, holes drilled and then glued. Nothing to it actually, after the calculations were done.

The finished result; brushes to the left, water in the middle, room for 23 pots of paint/glue in the middle. A small shelve for current painting projects while the back is for larger stuff such as glue and mixingplate.
Oh and thats my son, Frej, who took great interest in the project.

The best laid plans of men and mice...

Almost done...

First paintjob of a billion (four), shows the shelves that the paint stands on.

Inside the closet, nice fit - with room for extracting it.

All in all I think I used three evenings (1,5 hours each) on the project, with the most timeconsuming part being painting and waiting for the paint to dry. The cost was minimal, mainly the paint, which I was using for our doors and other woodwork inside and used less than a centimeter.
I'm very pleased with it and cant wait to "use" it for the first time - been a while since I got any minis painted.

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