Friday, 20 August 2010

Proposed House Rules - "Scout Move" and "Return of the Master Gunner"

We are slowly gearing up for a new battle at my place (Tuesday) and I have a couple of house rules that I will be suggesting - any comments are appreciated (not that you guys ever comment on anything, which is a statistical proven fact - 50 people visit this blog a day and there is only one new comment every week or so.... and yes this is a thinly veiled beg for comments :-)).

So the rules:
Scout move: After all forces of both sides have been deployed but before the first turn, all skirmishing troops may move once for free. There is no need for orders and they are free to move in any way and up to their movement maximum as per the normal rules.. So infantry skirmishing units may move up to 20cm and mounted skirmishers up to 30cm. The side with the fewest skirmishing units must move his skirmishers first.
Why? Because a) it feels proper to have a skirmishing screen set up right from the start, b) in our group skirmishers are not performing that well (apart from the light horses of the Teutonic order) and c) because this could create interesting skirmisher-vs-skirmisher battles that seem appropriate.

The Master Gunner: The side that currently has convinced the Master Gunner (MG) to assist them are entitled to the following units for free: one Heavy Cannon, one Organ Gun, one Leader (the MG himself).
Special Rules:
1) This force must be used or else the MG is deemed to have deserted in the Fog of War and will join another (random) player's army.
2) This force does not count towards the player's points total, Break Point calculation or, if destroyed, against his Break Point when calculating routs.
3) The MG has a LD of 8 and counts as a Leader but cannot give orders to any other units than his own force.
4) The Artillery units may only be given orders by the MG.
5) If the MG fails in giving any order treat it as a blunder.
7) The Artillery units follow all the normal rules for their type.
6) Should the artillery units be destroyed or the MG captured in some way, then this counts as a succesful capture of the MG. The player who performed this mighty deed will be allowed to field the MG in the next game.

So this should provide the player in charge of the MG with a small bonus force (of ca. 150p) that although nice is limited in its use, unrealiable and might change sides (will need to add rules for that - maybe one of the blunder results?). All the while keeping the chronicle of the MG and his adventures alive and who knows what will happen to the fine gentleman in the future.

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  1. An interesting proposals regarding the skirmiss. And it rings true towards their natural behavior in battle.
    About the Master Gunner - I think that his little group lacks close infantery-support.


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