Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New Scenario - "Plunder the siegetrain"

Hello all!
We were lucky enough to play a great game of Warmaster yesterday (report will be coming shortly) and I thought I would post the quick scenario I created for the game.
The objective of the game was to spread out the armies and favour aggressive play.

"Plunder the siegetrain"
The background was that an army on the way to besieging a city had its siege train ambushed. After the rout the victorious army returns to the field to either plunder or destroy the siege equipment but at the same time the besiegers main army has gotten word of the disaster and arrives at the scene at the same time. 
Both armies are therefore fighting over the abandoned siege equipment that is spread across the battle field.
In our case we had four such objectives that the armies wanted to be in control of.

As for special rules these were the ones we used:
The army in control (by being the only unit within 5cm of an objective at the end of the battle) of the most objectives wins. If both armies are in possession of a similar amount of objectives the side that scored the most Victory Points wins.
The Terrain and objectives (A-D) looked like this:

Optional Rule 1: We had a huge trebuchet as the center objective (A) and agreed that the army that had control of this at the end would get to use it in the next battle for free.

Optional Rule 2: This scenario could be used to tie nicely into a siege game - for instance a rule could be that for each objective controlled the army would get an additional 100-300 points of siege /defence items for the upcoming siege.

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