Saturday, 21 August 2010

Oops! ... I did it again

Hello all,
Well - how am I supposed to resist the lures of Ebay when the price is so right (e.g. cheap)?
This time I bought three units of an unknown brand (again - it really blows that people don't provide company information) so any help pinpointing who made these and what precisely they are would be very welcomed!

These are the pictures from Ebay, but I will upload some better examples once I get home.
Unit one - sold as10mm Mediaeval H.Inf:

(very nice figs by the way, great variance and detail)
Unit Two - sold as those above but definately not the same type.

(only one pose, so I think I will mix this unit with the one above to get two units of reasonable variance)

Unit Three - sold as Medieaval Crossbow and Pavisse:

(Nice figures but as there are only two poses this will be boring paint job).

All in all 8£ including shipping for 90 figures and this time for proper medieval men and no naked barbarian lunatics :-).

Best regards,

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