Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Top Five list of Warmaster unit types

Hello all,
While choosing my last army list I found myself choosing the "House of York" once more - and more or less because it contains to of my favourite troop types. That made me wonder which units I would put on a "top Five" list and also which You would choose?

So without further ado, here is my Top five of Warmaster unit types:

1-2: Shire Longbow/Shire Billmen
These, available mainly to the army list "House of York", are by far my favorite units. Due to their cheap price (90 for a pair) and the excellent (and underpriced) "Combined Arms" a cheap brigade of these can both readily defend an area due to the Billmen and threaten an even larger area with the 2 x 4 shots unleashed by the fabled English Longbowmen. Add a couple of stakes and even horsies will fear to engage them head on.
Not the strongest of units in Warmaster but in my view the most adaptable and allround combination available, and one of the main reasons I often choose an York army.

3:  Light Horse

Available to the (vastly overpowered) Teutonic army, these quick and cheap skirmishers are almost as good as most other armies elite cavalry. And the fact that they are Skirmishers is just such an added bonus that they are at the top of my "like"-list. They can hunt down opposing skirmishers with ease, or evade anything they don't feel like engaging. Powerful and the added versatility is enough to make them a strong favorite of mine (and I do hate to go up against them - luckily our resident Teutonic-player often chooses more of the heavy cavalry units than of these... shhhh, don't tell him!)

4: Irish Warbands
These are, again, available to the House of York. Amazingly cheap (35 points) and warband means they are the best "sacrificial"-unit in the game. The warband rule in effect makes them easy to command and thrown against any other infantry units they will (on a good day) cause havoc and enough casualties (and disruption) to earn their pay (and should they die they wont demand money, will they?).

I always go with a brigade of these to move aggresivley forward while the rest of my army deploys. Most of the time they will perform brilliantly, and if not it is always fun to have some very aggressive units to play with while the more static Longbow/Billmen deploy behind them.

5: Teutonic Brother Knights
Although very pricey, these super-heavy tanks, ehm cavalry, must be on the list. Even in their nerfed state they are the kings of the field and when they charge they crush anything that is stupid or unlucky enough to stand in their way. The only good thing for their opposing side is that they will often be outnumbered and, hopefully, succumb to the inevitable counterattack (you do have a counter attack set up, right? If not, bye-bye :-)). As the next battle report (forthcoming shortly, so stay tuned) will show these can be unstoppable monsters.

There you go; my top five of Warmaster unit types, although they are listed in a more or less random order. As evident they are all from the Medieval time period and contain a balance between versatility and brute force.

I would love to hear which units you would choose !

All the best,

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