Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 33 - Harpies I

Hello all,
I realize this is not legal anymore but back when I played Skaven one would never, never, go to war without some Harpies. These were almost the only solution to warmachines a Skaven army had and without them the big units would just get shot to pieces. So the trick was to use the cheap Harpies to harass and destroy. I loved them - so diverse.
Anyways - these are the first members of my trusty Harpy unit. Unfortunately GW released these horrible minis and I bought a pack of them before realizing just how horrendous they were. They look ridiculous and trying to rank them up was impossible. On top of that, their wings always fell of during a battle. Always. So after painting these I used some of my old beastmen and gave them wings - worked and looked much better - they will be up next time.
Anyways; allow me to present the first three of the ugliest GW minis ever:

Although bad minis - I still quite like the paintjob :-).

Best regards,

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