Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New 10mm army-deals from Magister Militium

Mmmm, Magister Militium just announced that they have made nine new army-bundle deals available - all apparently chosen from the Warmaster Medieval Armybook. 
I already have quite a few units from Magister Militium and especially their infantry are nice (and in the cheaper price range) while I am not a particular fan of their cavalry models - their horses seem too short and fat compared to their riders, much too pony-like - instead of appearing as warhorses. 

This of course makes the army deals a tricky thing as I would like the infantry deals but would rather avoid any cavalry models (and I really do have enough cavalry models already (Heresy!)). 
The new army deals include one for the Burgundian Ordinance list and is a chaotic mix of different unit types while there are several new deals for the War of the Roses-period and a Swiss Confederacy for the pikelovers (not my favourite unit). I might persuade myself to grab the Welsh army deal in the future but at 70-ish £ it is quite an investment although you do get 15 units and if you choose the Medieval Armybook as well you save 6£ on that alone.
Anyways, just thought the news might interest some of you :-).

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