Sunday, 7 February 2010

Amazon Bikini Babes (ebay)

Yet again I fell to temptation and I recently bought more 10mm units on Ebay - this time they just seemed too great to not buy. 
The purchase was three full units of Amazons and one unit of Leopards with animal herders. The brand is Pendraken and I believe the footsoldiers are the Amazon line called FA1 and 2 (Amazon Spearwomen and Swordwomen) but the leopards are not from that line so if anyone knows their make I would appreciate the information.
The minis are in ok shape (no broken spears etc) but will need new bases as they are mounted on cardboard at the moment. They will also need a bit of paint retouching as the colours are very bright and shiny (think they were painted with humbrol paint or the like) and could use some more details and shades etc.
But I smile everytime I see the furious women and their short skirts even made my wife smile (not often  she sees anything funny about my miniatures .-)) - I hope you can see just how short their battle skirts are...

I will probably use them as warbands next to the naked men below - which seems a suitable combination. The Leopards will serve as cavalry if they ever see the field of battle :-).

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  1. Hey mate
    I know this is an old post but I'm a big warmaster fan, as well. Excellent turn counter idea (think I may steal that one....)
    Congratulations aside I'd like to mention you should look for a product called, in australia, Estapol. I don't know what the Danish equivalent might be but it's a matt spray sealant for furniture. Cheap as chips ($12 for a big can here) and sprayed onto enamel painted miniatures like these amazons you'll find it really mutes the brightness a lot and also protects the figures in a real way.
    Keep up the good work, anyway
    Vi ses!


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