Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Warmaster Terrain

Another try - this time a page full of my terrain pieces:

On the workbench at the moment; another farm - wine stalks and pigpen from Irregular while the house is from Baccus.

Finished old and mysterious standing stones in the forest - or something :-). "Mystic Stones" from JR Miniature terrain ("god damn it Alexis i want that pipeline.....").

Examples of my new modular village concept. Three sizes of bases will be put into different modules (see below) making a wide variety of possible village configurations. Here are a celtic village (small and medium size), a mill with buildings (medium) and a medium village with a church. Next to the sheep is a small sheepdog (almost impossible to spot) which is from a set of farm animals made by Noch (theres also a cat somewhere - kudos tot he one who manages to spot it :-)).
The Celtic village is from Mainly Military (Not Baccus as I thought previously) as are some of the other buildings and church while the farm things are from Irregualr miniatures (the sheep, cows, cornsstalks and the hanged man below). The hedges are Heki while most of the trees are from Noch (decidous). The fir trees are from a huge bag bought somewhere on the web but I've forgotten the brand - they are of ok quality but pale in comparison with Noch.

One of the first "modules" for my villages. The size makes it possible to have a small and medium village/farm inside the walls or hedges and when troops arrive they can be removed for ease. Makes the possible configurations endless (almost .-)).

A couple of Impassable rock-stands.

The gate, one of the towers and a breached section of my quickly built fortress.

Broer / bridges - resin made by JR Terrain
New Stakes for the longbowmen
Preliminaries for the next village
Almost finished celtic village - trees up next.

Old Comments:
Per: Det ser fandme godt ud. Er de også konstrueret til elefanter? ellers bruger jeg dem ikke!

Kasper: Takker, men dine fedtede tykhuder har værsgo' at benytte vadestederne - vi skal ikke risikere mine fine broer styrter sammen. :-)

6milphil: Nice terrain, I like the piling in lots of detail on each one I think that always adds to the feel of a game. Those celtic villages are Mainly Military ones aren't they? MM51 & MM51a?
Have a look;
I've used them as African native villages in my colonial games.

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