Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Flere turneringsresultater

Here are the scores from this campaign :
Christophe Epiais, best general with 1370pts – Homeric Greeks
Jean-Baptiste Barroso, second with 1110pts – Normans
Marc Adda, third with 990pts and wealthiest King with 340 territory
pts - Pelopponesian wars Greeks
Sébastien Gimeno, 975pts – Marian Romans
Jean-Francois Menier, 965pts – Achemenid Persians
Alain Dehaine, 915pts – Mithridatic
Bruno Guille, 875pts – Carthaginian
Vincent Bourdaud, 855pts – Indians
Gilles Guerrier, 725pts – Republican Romans
Luis del Cerro, 680pts – Assyrians
Jérome Brun, 555pts and unluckiest general (highest number of
blunders from leaders) – Gauls
Therry Dolleans, 515pts – Gauls
Myriam Alilat, 505pts – Macedonian (yes, we had a lady -and a pretty
one at that- playing)
Christophe Moliere, 350pts – Parthians
Antoine Bourguillau, 315pts – Parthians
Thierry Moliere, 295pts – Indians

As you can see, the winner played a biblical era army – and a
skirmisher army to boot ! He fielded six spearmen, six chariots and
one skirmisher, and he seriously clobbered all his opponents' armies
while taking very little damage.

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