Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Camouflaged Turn Marker

China marches its men down Baideng Road
While Tartar troops peer across blue waters of the bay.
And since not one battle famous in history
Sent all its fighters back again,
The soldiers turn round, looking toward the border,
And think of home, with wistful eyes.
- Li Bai

Hello all!
Well as I wrote in my last post I love ebay - it's an amazing place for bargains and strange things one must own. One of my less successful purchases was ten 10mm civilians (they were alright) which I'll probably stick on two bases to make some peasant units. The lot also came with a celtic village house which looked alright but once it arrived I quickly realised that it was much too large to use with my normal terrain. I use 6mm houses as I like the way they look on the battleground the most and this house was somewhere closer to 20mm than 10mm. So it has been hiding in my piles of junk for a while until yesterday when it finally dawned on me what I could use it for! A turn marker!
I always hate having a dice mark the turns - its ugly and someone always picks it up at some point in each game (often myself :-)) so I wanted a turn marker that would fit the battlefield and not be removed by accident.

This is the house where I've cut out a small part in front of the door.
Mounted the house on the lid of an old Army Painter flock container.
The brilliant (.-)) turn system - I drilled a hole in the middle and stuck an upholstery nail in it, allowing the house to turn but the rest remains stabile. (and damn resin stinks when heated.... nasty stuff).

The finished peaces - house and lid painted and flocked and the black and white piece is the turnmarker itself - sans numbers (which my wonderful wife did as she is vastly better at all things pretty than myself).
And the finished result itself - The base is quite heavy and stabil while the house turns with ease and marks which turn we've arrived at - in this case its turn 5.
All in all I'm pretty pleased with this one - took under an hour (excluding drying time) and was fun especially as I had been a bit displeased with the house.
Now if only I could get a game with someone and try it out...
Best regards,

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  1. Really smart Kasper!
    This is a perennial problem with keep track of things with dice: an elegant solution


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