Friday, 21 August 2009

Pigs in the pen go oink, oink, oink

Hello all!
Well I managed to get some more "me"-time and as has been the case recently I used it for making some more terrain, instead of painting minis. Don't know why but I just feel more like terragenesissing than painting yet another unit of 10mm infantry.
The result was two of the smaller bases worth of farms (which we play as giving infantry the defended bonus but is open to all troop types and with full visibility) that can go into my "modular" bases, for greater diversity.
The first is a windmill and a small hanged man (child?) from Irregular Miniatures with a tree from Games Workshop (bought on ebay at 0.99£ for three). The peaceful grassy hill is being chewed on by three goats made by some forgotten railway company.
Looks great in my opinion :-).

The next one is a small wineyard - the house is from Baccus6mm, the tree is from Noch while the pigpen and winestalks are from Irregular Miniatures.

Hope you enjoy them - they were fun to build/paint - now if only I could get some gaming done...

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  1. This looks very good indeed. Just so.
    I like those pig pens, I have a few as well.


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