Sunday, 16 August 2009

Lost worlds

It seems this scary dino attacked a small patrol of spearmen but luckily they managed to drive it back to the lost world where it belongs...

Actually it was found on the street by my oldest son (five) who gave it to me - and was happy about it being repainted (shading and some white on the scales) although he refuses to believe that the scales on its back are not rockets ...
As for its uses, well there are none but it was a fun five minutes :-)


  1. Nice - I've got a load of Magister Militum's dinosaurs (in 10mm) to paint up too.
    But dinosaur with rockets...there's an idea!

  2. This plastic monster was fun to paint and I did start to think of possible dinosaur wars - but I have too many minis already, alas.
    And for the rockets - my son sees them everywhere or else thinks they should be all over everything (he still fails to see why my Medieval longbowmen dont just fire rockets at the enemy...)


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