Thursday, 13 August 2009

Siege Equipment

Hello all! well in preparation for our (hopefully) forthcoming try at a siege using the rules in Warmaster I've completed a siege tower and a battering ram. Both are 6mm and from Irregular Miniatures and while a bit small for our 10mm they are dirt cheap and very well sculpted. The only problem was the siege tower which had fairly irritating sculptlines running down each side, ruining the sides a wee bit. Otherwise they are yet another example of the quality of Irregular Miniatures and the total cost is somewhere below 3£ which is unbeatable :-). The siege tower is mounted on a 30x40 base being just a bit too wide to fit on my normal 20x40 bases.


  1. Just got here via your comment over on Ashram's blog.
    Love your siege stuff - do they go well with the 10mm?

  2. Hello and thanks for the comment (first on the new blog - wuhuu!).
    It's easier showing than describing so I'll upload a picture later with some 10mm troops next to the tower and ram.
    I do think they are maybe a wee bit too small compared to 10mm but as with buildings and such I tend to see 6mm terrain pieces as more correct in "ground" scale and they just look more pleasing than the correct sized buildings and I think this goes for siege equipment as well. But I promise pictures this weekend to show the scale.
    Best regards,


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