Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Battle of Axtorna 1565 Warmaster scenario pack

Introduction - Axtorna 1565.

These are the notes I made while creating a scenario intended to introduce six new players to Warmaster. I chose the historical battle at Axtorna (Sweden) in 1565 as it involved around 20.000 troops of cavalry, infantry and artillery. Also the battle was fought over fairly open ground and resulted in a danish victory (barely) - all in all perfect for this kind a game.

The scenario includes:

1) Historic introduction to the battle and its results.

2) A map of how the battlefield probably looked like.

3) The armies I used for our battle (3500 points on each side)

I've tried to recreate the battle as historical correct as possible but I make no assumption that mistakes (and plenty of them) can not be found in all parts of these documents - it is only intended to help anyone who wants to try the battle for fun :-).

The complete scenario pack with background, battlefield map and armies can be found here: Axtorna Battle (unfortunately not working at the moment - let me know if you need it)

Have fun.

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