Thursday, 13 August 2009

More terrain; forests

Greetings! I managed to finish three sets of forest stands in between my Ph.D and painting our new apartments (as well as the kids demanding far too much time .-)). These are mounted on 11,5x11,5 pieces of hard cardboard which in hindsight was a mistake but I have run out of thin mdf and wanted to work on them. They've warped slightly from the glue and clay used to give them some contours but not enough to be a problem.

These flowery trees might be a bit too bright but they do give the battlefield some colour which works well.
Below they are shown inserted in one of my modular borderbases from which they can be lifted out when troops wishes to occupy the forest area.
The hanged man and gate are from Irregular Miniatures, hedges from Heki and the trees are the, in my mind, perfect ones from Noch (decidous and spring).

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