Monday, 17 August 2009

The Dark Forest

Dark is the forest and deep, and overhead
Hang stars like seeds of light
In vain, though not since they were sown was bred
Anything more bright.

And evermore mighty multitudes ride
About, nor enter in;
Of the other multitudes that dwell inside
Never yet was one seen.

(--E. Thomas)

The last stands of forest terrain are done - not with any amount of detail (there are a few roads and thats it apart froms tones and hills) but I'll go back and add some ruins and the like later on. Two more with mainly decidous trees from Noch:

And seven stands of dark deep spruce forest. Three large bases and four smaller ones - all to go inside the modules so they'll give various sizes of forest and yet alow any troops to enter if they so wishes. I have managed to forget who made the spruces - but they were bought in a huge bag of 50 or 75 of them and look alright from afar. Close up they are not that detailed :-/.

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