Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Warmaster Battle 02/06/09 "Much ado about nothing"

Another great game, even though there was very little bloodshedding. Two very different armies - Uffe's Teutonian Brotherhood with even more horses than normal against my English Civil War army packed with infantry.  Uffe tried an impressive flanking manoeuvre where his entire cavalry force rode around the table to try and catch me in my flank. Luckily (for me that is) my English Longbowmen managed to ground their stakes and defend a central bridge before the cavalry could cross it. Thereafter the cavalry tried to return to the centre but just missed their opportunity to charge before the battle ended.
All in all a very interesting tectical battle with very few actual fighting - which the final result of 105 points of casualties for the Teutonians and nil for the ECW forces show. The only casualties were 1½ units of Light Teutonian horses.

Endnu et godt spil, omend det ikke var så blodigt.... To meget forskellige hære mødtes - Uffes teutonere med endnu flere heste end normalt og Kaspers ECW med meget fodfolk. Uffe forsøgte sig med en imponerende taktisk manøvre hvor hele hæren red højre om bordet for at fange Kasper i flanken. Dog nåede de flittige engelske langbueskytter lige at få sat spydene i jorde og forsvare broen før rytteriet nåede frem. Derefter gik det tilbage ind mod midten hvor det sidste angreb heller ikke kom før natten faldt på. Alt i alt et meget spændende manøvre spil men med meget få kampe - det endelige resultat var 105-0 og de eneste tab var 1½ let rytteri af teutonsk afstamning.
Uffe: 105
Kasper: 0

My pretty troops :-)

Uffe deployed and assisted by a secret little gnome....What Uffe's troops lack in colour his fine Hawaiian shirt amply makes up for :-).

The defence in the centre (thats a lot of longbows!) while Uffe's cavalry tries to ford the river which will soobn be defended by longbows and their stakes.

The Teutonian cavalry trying to find a gap in the British defensive lines.

"Are you never going to fight?"

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