Friday, 31 October 2014

Shadows of Brimstone finally here - so what is in the box? (SOB1)

Hello all,
Good thing I am almost done with the Warband for Warhammer and the zombies for Zombicide, because Shadows of Brimstone finally arrived.

In case you don't know, Shadows of Brimstone was a Flying Frog Kickstarted boardgame. Kind of a mixture of Heroquest, Deadlands, and Call of Cthulhu. What is not to like? And it came with a plethora of miniatures and was launched back when I had money, I naturally went along and supported the kickstarter. And a great kickstarter - nice freebies and delivered on time (more or less). Well done, FF!
So a quick unboxing of the contents will follow here, while I'll look closer at the minis tomorrow.

Now that is a Big Box!
 Warning: Contains Monsters!

Shadows, Brimstone, Unboxing, review, Swamps of Death, City of the Ancients

In addition to the two basic boxes, there was also this kickstarter extra character. Apparently most of the "special" miniatures will be arriving in the next wave, December?

And a signed print. Have no idea what to do with this, but hey, might be worth a billion in ten years (or not :-)).

So the first box looks like this with its guts spilled:

Very nice quality products all the way - very nice cutouts, characters, etc. For some reason there is also a soundtrack. To set the mood I guess? Looking forward to listening to it.

A ton of cards and die.
 An example of the characters and monster cards. Again, very nice quality and should survive quite a few gaming sessions.

The rulebook is beautiful - tons of illustrations and looks like it is well structured.

 The game is played on these boards (think Space Hulk or Advanced Heroquest) - all of which are of great quality (I feel like I am repeating myself here :-)).

 Just a quick look at the minis - not as many as I had thought (but the next shipment will be more or less only minis) but the sculpts are of higher quality than feared - crisp, hard details and very few 'mold'-lines.

The other box looks more less the same - a ton of content and all look very inviting. Can't wait to try the game... perhaps I could round the posse up and get a game in next Friday?

Shadows, Brimstone, Unboxing, review, Swamps of Death, City of the Ancients

That's all - so far I am a very happy camper (cowboy?) and I'll show you some of the minis tomorrow. Promise.... Unless the Harbringer gets me.

All the best,

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