Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Heroquest with a twist

Hello all,
The boys wanted a game and this time Heroquest won over Zombicide. Unfortunately they immediately began arguing who would get to play the barbarian. I must admit I'm pretty fed up with them only wanting to play Conan, and perhaps the Dwarf, but never the poor Elf or Wizard. So this mission began with a twist as I told them that they (having agreed on who would get to play the Barbarian) woke up in a dungeon only remembering that an evil wizard had imprisoned them and turned them into an Elf and a Wizard.

So not only were they forced into playing the unfortunate characters, they also had to decide whether they would exit once they found the stairs up to freedom- but then they would stay as an elf and a wizard 'for ever'- or find the evil wizard and have him release the spell (by killing him-subtle, right?).
So they set of, liberating a tortured man on the way-not knowing whether he was a zombie or a good guy as they released him- before they found and terminated the evil wizard.

It turned out great- they had fun playing the less-cool characters (might even choose them in the future...) and had to decide and agree on some difficult decisions. And Heroquest, like all great boardgames, turned out to be incredible flexible with the rules being bent and no overall layout used before they entered the game. Good fun and a proof that there is (some) hope for even the Wizard getting some action :-).

All the best,


  1. Nice move, outsmarting one's children is the way forward!

  2. Lovely! xD Must remeber that one!
    Did you write down the final layout and encounters? If a quest is good, it always pays to write it down and share it with the community!


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