Friday, 19 February 2010

Amazon Babes - Spearwomen by Pendraken

Babes ahoy! Or rather tiny fierce halberd wielding amazonians ready to kill ahoy!

These Amazon Spearwomen (looks more like halberd-women to me...) are made by Pendraken and are actually quite nice. They would make a great royal guard or similar.
Unfortunately I bought them on Ebay (cheap, which is nice :-)) but they were painted with some thick glossy paint that I couldnt strip so I had to repaint most of the minis on top of the old paintjob. Not ideal and the paintjob is rather thick in places.
The banner was a spur of the moment thing - what better symbol for these independent fierce warriors to fight beneath than that cursed symbol :-).
All in all, some very nice miniatures by Pendraken (and as always not featured with photos on their webpage which is a big no-no for me - I am not about to buy minis unseen) that I could see myself buying a new pack of in the future. 
As for what I will use them as? Warbands, naturally :-)
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