Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Our army lists

Hello all,
I just wanted to show how we do army lists... After the last battle I took this picture because I was struck by the thought that these army lists were pretty nice :-). So apart from sharing them with you I would love to see how you go about doing army lists.

These are the Black Teutonians of Wales, The French Ordonnance of Charles III and The Ottoman Turks of Suleiman the almost Magnificient.

Best regards,


  1. Wow!

    Really inspirational work, those army lists are almost works of art in their own right, puts my hastily scrawled paper and pen ones to shame!

    Keep up the great blog.


  2. I've done a Warmaster army list template I would be happy to share with you, but I can't seem to find a contact address for you.

  3. @AronBC - that sounds interesting - you can contact me at tokasper -- at -- Yahoo (dot) dk.
    Hope that works :-)


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