Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Amazon Spearthrowers (?) from Pendraken

Well, the last of the Amazons. And not the unit I am proudest of in my collection. 
As with the rest of the amazonian forces they were bought on ebay and arrived painted with some heavy glossy paint type and I admit it I was too lazy to remove it properly. 
So these have been repainted on top of the old paintjob and it shows. While the other units turned out alright these are not impressive. 

The unit seems to be a mixture of Pendraken Amazon Spearbearers and some unit type that I cannot identify. They seem to be amazonian pilumthrowers or something similar.

Anyways, the models are nice and well detailed, and I might buy them again provided they were unpainted, but those are the last painted minis I buy on Ebay.

On a non-related note, I am very pleased with the photostudio setup - it works really well and provides a nice background for the models while at the same time it cuts down on the time needed for finishing the photos.
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