Thursday, 25 March 2010

Medieval Skirmishers - Empire Handgunners from Games Workshop

New minis hot of the painting table. This time it is a unit of medieval skirmishers consisting of a handful of the fabulous Handgunners from Games Workshop.
The small scenarios on each base was made at least six years ago, before Warmaster Ancients was published and as such feature a strong "fantasy" theme, but I really dont mind a bit of fun in my army so I chose to paint them as they are instead of redoing the bases.  

The heroic leader, on top of the rock, is the first 10mm conversion I did which was necessitated by his right leg breaking of. I made a small wooden leg for him (the tip of a toothpick) making him a suitable grizzly leader of this squad of jaegers.

The unit on the left has encountered a giant rat which is a small 28mm rat from my Skaven days, which translates well to a terrifying monster rat. The monstrous mushroom in the back was given to me be a friendly American ten or fifteen years ago when I spent far too much time on the old Direwolf list devoted to Warhammer - back when the internet was a vastly different place :-).

The other group has encountered a vicious snake, causing them to pause in their advance while contemplating how to proceed. The rat is the tip of an old plastic Skaven tail, given a black maw, teeth and eyes. And yes the tail is also from my Skaven days (I have a collection of Skavens in the basement that terrifies me in its pure unfathomable size and state - I will have to let them resurface soon to evaluate what to do with them...).

Anyways, I hope you all like the brave jaegers which were a pleasure to paint - the quality of the Games Workshop Warmaster minis are/were superb.
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