Tuesday, 30 March 2010

German Warband - Steve Barber Miniatures - 10mm

Another painted unit - this time the models are "German Warband" by Steve Barber. And they are some of the best 10mm models I have ever seen - realistic and with great detail. Very nice minis, there might even be too much detail for my clumsy fingers :-).
They are painted with green/white as the main colours, as is the case for all my "warbandish" units.

I painted these last year, but to celebrate the photostudio working as intended I have decided to go through all my units and re-photograph them - hopefully this will give much better photoes as well as a more uniform presentation of them.

Very nice minis indeed - I just wish I had fixed that standard before snapping the photoes... :-).

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  1. very nice painting.
    And, indeed, the Steve Barber's minis seem to be great.

  2. Thank you - the feedback is much appreciated!
    And yes the minis are great and not that expensive either - but they are on the small end of the 10mm scale (and as I recently found out) a bit brittle at the legs - two broken minis so far in the unit above. But a pleasure to paint (especially considering some of the more crude Pendraken sculpts).


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