Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Wanted to share my son's newest creation, which we have named "The Psycho-Cyborg-Killer-Elephant!" Here it is, presented by the mastermind himself (5 years old btw):
He has a large box of stuff he finds and salvage from just about anywhere and once in a while we glue some of the most interesting stuff together (I do the hot gluing while he dictates what goes where) while we converse about what bits do what (most seems to be rockets, missiles etc.).
It seems from his comments that this elephant is steered by the three soldiers on top, is armed with various machineguns, missiles and "electric"-rockets while the sides are armoured.
I wonder where he gets it from - but he does make me proud, and I really enjoy those sessions with him .-)
Best Regards,
Kasper & Son

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