Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gothic Infantry from Magister Militum

Another newly painted unit and this time one that I am proud of :-). 
These spearwielding men are Magister Militum Miniatures' "Gothic Infantry" with a smattering of different trooptypes to give some variation (one or two visiting vikings included in the unit).


I have become pleasantly surprised by the quality of Magister Militum minis - these are well sculpted, free of any errors and take the paint surprisingly well. I do absolutely not get why some companies have so few pictures on their webpage - I do not like to buy minis I cannot see in detail and have often chosen not to buy from Pendraken  for instance as they have the fewest pictures.

Anyways, the unit was a pleasure to paint and look their part on the battlefield.
What is their part, I hear you asking? Well this will be another of those generic warband type infantry units that I am trying to paint as many as possible of.
At the moment I see the cheap warband units as a neccesity in any army and as such I need a vast number of units to use as warbands.

I need to figure something out for their standard but have left it as is, having no ideas...

Anyways, its good to be done with those Amazons and back to the real units - best regards,

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