Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Debating 6mm and 10mm miniatures...

I would very much like a new army and especially a Roman one as that is a period for which I have no armies and I think I would enjoy painting the massed ranks of legionaries.
Unfortunately that means an investment of approximately 40-70 pounds which is a bit steep.
I have therefore been contemplating buying the army in 6mm, a scale in which I have no experience. It seems practical and very cheap. So I ordered a small sample pack from Baccus Miniatures to get some roman 6mm and see if it was worth it.

The above shows the content - three stands of infantry, two command, three horse stands and an artillery piece.
While the price is attractive and the detail surprisingly fine - I do believe they are just too small for my eyes and hands. The minute minis are just prone to vanishing or being dropped.
So I guess I will have to pay for the increased cost of 10mm miniatures - while I may paint a few command stands from the Baccus Sample Pack.
For reference I included two Kallistra models (12mm), a Steve Barber German archer and a Gothic Infantry model from Magister Militum to show the difference in scale between 10mm and 6mm for those interested.

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