Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wargames 2.0 - Ex Illis and what to make of it...

An interesting example of what could be termed "wargaming 2.0" can be seen in the new demo video from Ex Illis: (
It seems they have tried to integrate computers in figure wargming or maybe it is the other way around and they wish to integrate figures in computer wargames. 

After watching the demo and reading a bit more on the game I have reached the following conclusions: I applaud their effort of integrating computers (iphones etc) in our wargames, and I can see a lot of advantages gained from this (should eliminate rule lawyers and minimize the amount of forgotten special rules). I also like the natural way in which rankings and the like is integrated in the game. It might even be the "natural" development of wargaming - to integrate that which is already integrated in everything else.

But I also know that it is not for me, at least not yet. As the following quote from QXNINE on TGN puts it:
"My life is filled with computers corrupting all aspects of it, I don’t want a computer ruining my hobby as well." And I agree - wargaming is (still) my sanctuary from the modern world (of computers and other screens that I use naturally everywhere else), it is a special time where hobby and social comraderie meets each other and combines to something greater than each part. I wouldnt like being at a party where every move was analysed on a computer that then decided whom should interact with whom.

Anyways, I think Ex-Illis is probably the future but hopefully the next generations of that future will be more to my liking.
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