Monday, 8 March 2010

Siege Tower from Irregular Miniatures

Well I had a few spare moments last friday so decided to take a few snapshots of some recently completed minis. The first is a Siege Tower in 6mm from Irregular Miniatures priced at around 1£.
It is a pretty thing but with very few details other than the included ram (but what details could have been sculpted I dont know :-)) and in the back there are a few ladders and the like.
It paints up incredible fast and easy - I tried to use a leathery brown for the hides and pure metal for the head to make it stand out a bit.
Few miscasted details on this one by the way  (as was not the case for the Trebuchet) only one which is one the side visible on  the photoes below while the rams head is marred by a nasty line from the casting I guess.
I must say I'm happy with the models from Irregular Miniatures - especially considering their price. As they are for sieges - which rarely happen - I like the fact that for 5£ you can buy all the siege equipment you need.

This also marks the first really satisfying useof the Photo-studio. I bought a new lamp which seems perfect for both painting and apparently photographing. It is the Ikea lamp called Global - both cheap (~10£) and comes with a bulb that spreads the light evenly, is very white and bright. I painted a bit under it last evening and it was a pleasure - the best I have ever tried. I fully recommend it.

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