Friday, 12 February 2010

Amazons with Leopards (and the photo studio in action)

Well I finished rebasing and repainting the leopards and their two amazonian herders from pendraken, which I recently bought on Ebay. I tried painting them as hunting dogs or wolves but their shape was just too "cat-like" to allow the transformation and they were hartyly repainted. A better result than what I bought them as but nothing exceptional (far from it actually).

This is also the debut of my photo studio which I have been fiddling with for the last few months - all is ready now - base, background and lighting (which was hampered by natural light in this case). I hope it will allow for a more uniformed presentation mode of my units while being easy on the eye.
Best regards,


  1. Very nice.
    Do you have any thoughts in regards an army list?

  2. Hello - nope, I guess they will mostly be used as normal warbands. But there might be a small scenario somewhere in the future containing these amazonian women :-).


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