Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 8 - Rat Ogre Warthrone

Hello all,
Returning to the ever devious vermen I give you: The ratogre war-throne. 
Even though this was before all the nice updates available in this edition of Skaven, I always felt that my general could use a little something extra. He always looked a bit wimpy compared to the vampire and chaos lords he encountered.
So I made him this war-throne to stand upon and yell at his hordes (preferable from behind the lines).

Rat Ogre War Throne
Rat Ogre War Throne
Rat Ogre War Throne
The parts seems to be (apart from dusty...) the backrest from a doomwheel, a very old dragon head (with green stuff one horn broken off) as well as a few bits and pieces.
Still looks good and when I manage to find the old general I'll let him ascend and grab a few pictures.

Best regards,

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