Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 17 - Skaven Gunner

Hello all,
More skaven? Yes!

Skaven Character Engineer Eldar Conversion
 One of my favourite conversions because it is just a simple hand-swap but looks pretty vicious. 
The old but brilliant BloodBowl Skaven stole one of the infamous Dark Eldars weapons and is now a threat to be reckoned with. The Eldar carrying the weapon was free on the cover of an old White Dwarf and the weapon was ideal for use with Skavens. 
I think he saw service with my Gutter runners (which included a fair amount of Blood Bowl Skavens converted to serve in the clans frequent wars), perhaps this is a modern version of the poisoned sling shot :-).
Skaven Character Engineer Eldar Conversion
Simple but effective, and the weapon does have something Skaveny about it :-)

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