Friday, 11 March 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 11 - Rat swarms

Hello all - more Skaven pictures!
Today I present some of my old ratswarms. I do not know how they are in the current edition but when I played it was unthinkable to not include at least a couple of these in any army.

Skaven Converted Rat Swarms

Skaven Converted Rat Swarms

The models are mainly Games Workshop but the big rats are from some other company which I have forgotten the name of. The snotling does look like he is having fun and a great hammer it carries as well :-).

I really should take a day off and base all these rats - it would make them look much greater. That was one of the continous frustrations of my Warhammer days - I never could find a basing method that I liked. But today, with all the flock available on the internet I shoudl just buy a brand and get at it. Any suggestions?

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