Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 13 - ASB, Chieftain and lucky charms...

Hello all - holy thirteen! What Skaven to show on this most august number?
I think I'll present another Army Standard Bearer - this time with a banner:

The clan name (Ressak) was the main clan I fielded in battle and have served me well. I think the Standard bearer is the old Maurauder one with an additional very heavy axe from the Chaos Warrior set - looks like he could take care of himself (which a Skaven ASB never could :-)).

A pretty sweet banner if you ask me :-). The head is an old dinosaur head from a competing wargame that never really took of but made some vicious dinosaur-like mounts for Orcs - I'll show some of them later. The central part of the standard itself is from the old Chaos Dwarf Tenderizer, I think. Edit: Nope it is the old "bow" from the Orc ballista or whatever it is called.

Might as well show the Chiefftain standing next to the ASB (weighing the base down). He is one of the old models and still a favourite of mine (my general is also based on this model) - there is just something commanding about the model that I have always liked.

and finally just for fun:

 These little buggers (half old goblin archers and Skaven heads) used to be my lucky charms - guarding my dice and being useful for remembering stuff. They might be a little bit wacky :-).

Anyways - hope you guys are enjoying these models (a few comments would be nice :-) ).

Best regards,

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  1. That Chieftain model is a real classic, I remember him from a few years back.

    I like the bizarre dice guardian half goblin-half skaven pink and blue horrors - A great imagination and a frightening psyche is beginning to appear in these Skaven posts! ;)

    Keep 'em coming please.


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