Saturday, 5 March 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 6 - Skaven Sorceror

Hello all - more skavenatious pictures today. I think I will show my Skaven sorceror - apparently he got trained by some Dark Elves instead of the normal vermin road to magic. Thats why he dresses a bit funny, compared to your normal, everyday contraption-wielding engineer.

 Pretty cool little rat :-).

Again - if anyone knows what company produced this I would love a link or other information.

EDIT: Thanks to Dreadaxe I've found out that he is a "Zahranian Ver'men Shadow Mage" and is named Soerik by the company selling him (Black Tree Design). Still a cool little guy.

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  1. Black Tree Design

  2. @Dreadaxe - perfect! Thanks for the link and it seems they are now sold by "Black Tree Design" of whom I have never heard before.


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