Thursday, 3 March 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 4 - Warp Fire Thrower

Hello all - a detour from the Plague Monks seems to be in order.
Instead I present one of my old and heavily converted Warp Fire Throwers.

This is a conversion of an old dwarf bull centaur (if I remember correctly it was the one pushing the Tenderizer) and the top part of the skaven with the gun part. Both parts are pretty old, I guess. The tank was from the back of the unlucky skaven slave who got to carry the warpfire while the tube is simply some wire.

Warpfirethrowers was by far my favourite part of the Skaven army (and yes - this was way before Ratling guns etc) and even though they would always blow up - and everything else within a wide diameter - they would also crisp the opponents favourite troops. Great fun :-).
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  1. Great looking models. This series really is a trip down memory lane for all of us, not just you! I remember lots of these from the catalogue pages of White Dwarf back in the day.

    I love that they are almost a historical document - not only are the models long out of production but the fantastic paint jobs are very much "of their time". You see very few models painted in such a dark, brooding style anymore, but it is equally good as modern "fashions" in painting. Its nice to look back and see how both the manufacturers have changed, but how we've changed in way/style we do things.

    Hopefully more to come?!

  2. dear Simon - thanks for the kind comment and I appreciate you walking down this slightly disturbing memory lane with me :-).
    Indeed there seems to have been a strong shift in painting style (and perhaps for the better) but I grew up with the Realm of Chaos books and the ever present Red/black paintjobs of 'Eavy Metal and that really influenced me. These may be darker but the paintstyle is the same.

    And yes, there are plenty pictures to go - about 3000 points worth of similar converted Skaven stuff so please do stay tuned and let me know if anything needs further explanation or perhaps an exclamation mark :-).

    Best regards,


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